Gatehouse Inspections specializes in providing high value home inspections and loss control inspections to the insurance industry. We work with Insurance Carriers, Agencies and Brokers to provide detailed underwriting inspections on high value homes and commercial properties. Our team of experienced industry professionals are capable of identifying the unique construction techniques and materials as well as uncommon interior finishes often observed in exclusive residences. Our inspectors are also trained to pinpoint relevant enhancements and identifying components or systems that should be improved or repaired.

More Than Just An Inspection Company

We are an extension of your underwriting efforts and offer the quality and thorough diligence that you would expect from your own internal loss control department. The quality and accuracy of our inspections enables insurance carriers to properly underwrite the risk and consequently offer insurance coverage and policy limits that can differentiate them from the competition. Another important aspect of the inspection is to ensure a secure and safer environment for the property and occupants.

Gatehouse Inspections’ objective is to exceed our client’s expectations by providing superior customer service to the agent, carrier and insured throughout the process. Our headquarters is based in Rutherford, NJ with services offered throughout the United States. With Gatehouse Inspections, you have an efficient, focused and dedicated partner for all of your loss control needs.


At Gatehouse Inspections, we strive to accurately establish the replacement cost of high value residences and condo units. We understand that owners of high value homes have thoughtfully chosen unique finishes for their residence and hired professionals to assist them in designing their home. Our high value home inspectors are specially trained to identify exclusive home components and noteworthy details and apply these attributes to calculate an accurate replacement cost. This inspection process is crucial to determine the amount of insurance that would be sufficient to replicate the home in the event of a loss. The inspection can also point out elements that would require attention in order to create a safer environment for the home and its occupants.


Gatehouse Inspections is proud to service commercial insurance carriers and partner with their underwriting teams to provide a factual assessment of the businesses they insure. The information gathered during the on-site inspection is communicated to the underwriter promptly along with any relevant observations or recommendations. Gatehouse Inspections specializes in the inspection of Surplus Lines and Business Owner’s policies.


Utilizing the experts at Gatehouse Inspections ensures proper coverage at the inception of the policy, which protects all parties involved – the homeowner, agent and carrier. We have the ability to identify opportunities to avoid losses before they occur by identifying areas of concern. And proper documentation of the unique features of a home at inception of the policy helps to ensure proper handling of losses if/when they occur. Our extensive experience and expertise provides efficient, thorough inspections combined with industry leading client service.


We have the ability to provide the full breadth of inspection services – from virtual inspections (lower cost; less intrusive to the insured) to full blown physical inspections.

  • Experience and professionalism of the inspectors.
  • Innovation – utilizing the latest technology such as 3D imaging and drones.
  • Detailed digital reporting.
  • Quick turnaround time.


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